Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Poiana Brasov


Poiana Brasov (German Schuler) is a winter sports resort in Romania, being an internationally renowned tourist attraction and a district of Brasov municipality.
Poiana Brasov was in ancient times the destination of hiking and winter sports. The first documentary mention of the location dates back to 1427 in the context of shepherding activities that took place here. Skiers climbed Postăvaru since 1895, and in 1906 Poiana Brasov held the first skiing competition. By the eve of 1950, the resort was maintained within natural facilities. Only a few small cottages or cabins could be seen here and there. In 1951, Poiana Brasov held World University Winter Games. On this occasion, it gives into a modern sports and the first cable car - Poiana Brasov-Postăvarul - a length of 2.150m. Then comes the other and other facilities and equipment, which brought Clearing the appearance we know today.

Poiana Brasov has 12 ski runs of varying degrees of difficulty (Tree - 458 m, Kanzel - 350 m, Sulinar - 2441 m, Ruia - 540 m, Subteleferic 1 - 495m, Subteleferic 2-2220 m, Wolf - 2860 m, Red Road - 3821 m, Stadium - 300 m), sports fields, a lake, discos, bars and restaurants. Accommodation is provided in luxury hotels, villas and chalets. Also in Poiana Brasov is an ambulance and a police and a post office.
The resort is also recommended for the treatment of neurasthenia, exhaustion and fatigue status of physical and intellectual, secondary anemia and endocrine diseases, respiratory diseases. Often in winter the temperature reaches -15 degrees Celsius.

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