Monday, December 23, 2013

Saint Anna Lake

Saint Anna Lake is a volcanic lake, the only one in Romania.
It is located in the county of Harghita, Ciomatu massif, near Tusnad. The lake is located on the bottom of the crater of an extinct volcano called Ciomatu (or, according to other sources, Ciomadu) from Puciosu volcanic massif, where was the most recent volcanic eruption in the Carpathians and Eastern Europe, which took place a few tens of thousands years (probably more recently 42,000 years ago).
Saint Anna Lake is at an altitude of 946 m almost circular in shape, similar to a painter's palette, has a length of 620 m and a maximum width of 460 m, an area of ​​19.50 ha and a maximum depth of 7m. Lake completes its water from precipitation only, with no springs. The purity of the water is close to that of the distilled water with 0.0029 ml mineral only. Low trophic lake water capacity is due to the mofetta fumes through the bottom of the lake crater walls.

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