Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sphinx of Bucegi

Sphinx of Bucegi Mountains is a megalith anthropomorphic located at 2216 m altitude.
Origin of the name Sphinx is due to its resemblance to a human head, specifically the similarities Egyptian Sphinx, its formation is due to wind erosion. Consisting of a large block of stone has become at what it is today after a very long time. The Sphinx of Bucegi measures 8 feet in height and 12 meters in width.

From a historical and mystical, the Sphinx is the representation of a supreme divinity of the Pelasgian times (Dacian). His human appearance is associated with an expression of sovereignty and power, and this is evidenced by proportionate face, lips and chin. Previous Pelasgians were Greeks, their tribes were spread mostly in the Aegean Sea. Many historians go so far as to say that the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt, is a copy of the Bucegi Platform. This is based on some similarities that are more or less random, such as Sphinx of Bucegi that has the same height as the Egyptian Giza .

Resemblance to a Sphinx (if viewed from certain angles, marked around it) and the legends and history of the place, made ​​this geological formation to become an important tourist attraction.

It is said that this place was once the center of the energy used by aliens, many legends circulating from around this. In the vicinity of the Sphinx is a certain mystery cave which would collect special energy. These mysteries are the attraction energy of many people passionate about this topic. Other rumors say that here is a uranium mine, abandoned, which is no longer in operation since WWII.

In Romania are other megaliths mountains bearing the names of sphinxes: Sphinx Stănişoara, Piatra Arsa Sphinx Sphinx Lainicilor, Bratocea Sphinx, Sphinx Banat known as the ”Sphinx of Topleţ”, Sphinx Solomon's Stones and so on.

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