Friday, December 20, 2013

Transalpina, the highest road in the country

Transalpina is the highest road in the country and of the whole chain of the Carpathian Mountains (both from Romania and from other countries crossed by this mountain range), reaching a maximum altitude of 2145 m in Step Urdele.

The road crosses the Parang Mountains from N to S and is parallel to the Olt Valley and the Jiu Valley which encloses and connects the town Saliste of Sibiu County to Novaci of Gorj County.
Although is higher, older and more beautiful than Transfagarasan, is less known because Transalpina, although it is classified national road DN 67C (partial) wasn't paved until 2009. Transalpina was built by Roman armies on their way to Sarmisegetusa, paved with stone by King Charles II after 1930 and rehabilitated by the Germans in World War II after which was forgotten by the Romanian authorities. That was forgotten and became a hard way to go with a normal car, helped the road to keep untouched wilderness and charm that few places in the country have. It is among the few roads in the country that can be reached by car up to the skies and even above them.

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