Friday, December 20, 2013

The Clock Tower in Sighisoara

Copyright: Danny Iacob
It is the most massive of the nine towers of Sighisoara medieval fortress and is now considered a symbol of the city.
Clock Tower or Tower Hall as it is called, was built in the 14th century in order to defend the main gate of the fortress. The tower is 64 meters heigh and has four side towers. The tower has undergone a number of damage to the Great Fire of 1676 and it was repaired shortly after, when receiving its current form.
The clock on top of the tower was built in Switzerland and is attested in 1648, his figures symbolize weekdays and are works of sculptor Johann Kirschel.
The tower has served as mayor of the city until 1556 after which he got other uses for a period, after which in 1898 was set as the museum of the city.

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