Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sambata de Jos Stud


• 1874: was founded the stud in Sambata de Jos and breed Lipizzaner horses come from Lipizza stud of Slovenia, where the selection process for this breed began in 1580;
• 1913: on the eve of the outbreak of the World War, Sambata de Jos stud was moved permanently with its entire population (322 horses) in Babolna in Hungary;
• 1920: The Romanian State  reestablished Samabata de Jos Stud, with 3 stallions and 22 mares mother;
• Between 1990 - 2002 he was part of the former RA Horses and S.N. Horses etc.;
• November 2002 , the stud goes into administration of National Forest. Within the complex is the "Castle Brukenthal", part of the national heritage. The castle was built during the years 1750-1760 by Count's servant and his brother Samuel Brukenthal - founder of the Museum of Sibiu.

Breeds and effective:
Lipizzaner breed
On Sambata de Jos, one of the most important stud Lipizzaner horses in the world, growing seven bloodlines named stallions that stood at the basis of the actual current - Conversano, Favory, Maestoso, Neapolitano, Pluto, Siglavy - Caprioli, Tulipan .
Lipizzaner horse conformation is smooth and elegant. It is a gentle horse, docile and submissive, with lively temperament. Due to its elegance and temperament, the Lipizzaner is the main race to be used in large academic training schools in the world.
Effective: stallions, mares mother youth growing public breeding stallions, sport and recreation.

Schedule and Prices
Stud can be visited from Monday to Friday. The program is 10-17 in the months from May to September and 10-16 in the months from October to April.
The ticket costs 9 lei (2 euro) for adults and 4.5 lei (1 euro) for children up to 14 years. For only 1 leu (0.25 euro-cents), you can walk a few minute in a carriage on the track.

The stud is presented by a guide. You will visit: Hippodrome, breeding stallions department, training department, photo exposition hall and harnesses. Carriage ride is the stud and track. If it snows, the tour is making with a sleigh.

Riding courses
On Sambata de Jos can attend a horseback riding or carriage driving one. You may get horses in nature. For groups can organize an equestrian show. All prior reservation .

And if you get there, do not forget some sugar cubes. These will make a great joy for horses. Provide palm stretched cube and the horse will know what to do.

Contact :
Address: Main Street Nr . 45 , Com. Voila , Jud. Brasov
Head detour : Dragan Cosmin
Phone: 0268.517.686 , 0372.701.756
Fax : 0268.517.686
e- mail:

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