Thursday, November 21, 2013


Cluj-Napoca is one of the historical capitals of Transylvania and the largest city of the county. 
This city is an important cultural center, here is the biggest univeristies in Romania: "Babes-Bolyai" University, with 167 specialities and over 45.500 students every year. The name comes from the romanian explorer Victor Babes and the hungarian mathematician Janos Bolyai. Except this university, here are 8 more same important as this one.
In Cluj-Napoca you can visit Baba Novac Statue, Saint George Statue, Mikes House, Babos Palace, Wass Palace, Teleki Palace, Banffy Palace, Saint Michael Church (gothic style with a gold cross on the roof), Saint Peter Church, Art Museum, Speleology Museum "Emil Racovita", Etnografic Museum of Transylvania or National Museum of Transylvania History.
Here we will find the most rich botanical garden in Central and Eastern Europe: Botanical Garden "Alexandru Borza". Historical Center of the city, Central Park and Heroes Bulevard are other interesting and beautiful places you must see. Also, near Cluj-Napoca we can go in Baciu Forrest, a haunted forrest.

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