Sunday, November 17, 2013

Vidraru Lake

Vidraru Lake is a reservoir created by the dam in 1965, in the county Arges, on Arges River for power generation, irrigation and flood prevention. The dam was built between
1960-1965. Also, the lake and the near installations are used for recreation, tourism and sports. 
It is located between Fruntii Mountains and Ghitu Mountains and it is collecting water from Capra River, Buda River, Lady's (Doamnei) River, Cernatul and Valsanul River, Topologul River and Limpedea River, with a total flow of about 5.5 mc/s.
The total area of the lake is 893 ha, length of 10.3 km, maximum width of 2.2 km in the Wolf-Nun (Lupului-Calugarita) Valley and a circumference of 28 km. 
Maximum water depth is 155 m near the curved dam with 166 m height, with a length of 307 m from the crest. Water volume is 465 million mc. Normal retention level is 830.00 meters above sea level (ASL).
From the dam you can practice extreme sports as bungee-jumping.

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