Monday, November 11, 2013

Poienari fortress, Arges county

Poienari Fortress is on a steep peak in Arges Gap at 4 kilometers near
Vidraru Dam, in the top of Cetatuia Mountain. The access to this fortress is making by climbing 1480 stairs in a beautiful beech forest. It was first mentioned by Ludovic sixth when it has a defense role against Ottoman Empire.
The fortress is elongated and has five towers with 2-3 meters thickness each. It was the recourse of Vlad Tepes before leaving in Transylvania. This fortification had a very important role against ottomans and delayed their advance to south and center Europe for at least seven decades.
Its popularity abroad is given by associating it with Dracula, but also because of the legends which make this fortress one of the most mysterious and haunted places on earth.

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