Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Red Mountain

The Red Mountain is located in Ciucas Mountains and you will get here from
the national road DN1A. Is a very beautiful area and you can stay over night at Red Mountain cottage. It has 11 rooms with 2 beds, 10 rooms with 3 beds and 1 room with 5 beds, each has tv and refrigerator. Also, the cottage is equiped with heating, bathrooms and shared showers, one restaurant with a capacity of 100 people, pub and night club. Here we will find a camping with 10 camping cabins for 20 persons, heating and bathroom. In the little cottage Red Peony (Bujorul Rosu) are also 7 rooms with 3 or 4 beds, heating, bathrooms, shared showers, restaurant, pub, TV and billiards.
You will reach to this awesome place from DN1A on a 5 km forest road. It is located between Cheia and Babarunca.

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